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Staging a House with inexpensive plants

Selling a house can be a daunting task. In addition, when most of the furniture has been moved out, the house can lack visual appeal, and it's hard for many people to visualize living there. Use houseplants to add color, texture and fragrance to an empty space. For this model house, there are few pieces of furniture and freshly painted walls. "It's a clean slate, but it is very cold and sterile looking,...
     # 08/24/2010 -

How to: Add the Hyphen to a list of nine digit zip codes

Suppose you find yourself with a huge postal mailing list. And the dork who sent you the list ran all the zip codes with nine digits together in one field. (For example 629012244 instead of the proper and more common and probably bulk mail postal required 62901-2244)

Textwrangler to the rescue! Just do a find/replace and check "grep" under "matching."

Find ([0-9]{5})([0-9]{4})
Replace \1-\\\2

     # 07/20/2010 -

Know the Hoops in Stainmaster Carpet Warranty Claims Before You Buy!

Read your warranties, sales people don't seem to have a clue. This Site Leads one to believe that it's really difficult to get a payout on a claim.

Excluded from this limited warranty are: color changes from grease, mud, asphalt, tar, paints, ink, rust, blood, cement, materials that permanently destroy dyes or alter colors (such as bleaches, acne medications, drain cleaners and plant food), urine, feces, vomit, appearance or color changes due to burns, pets, tears, cuts, pulls, shading or pile reversal, fading, furniture depressions or athletic equipment. ...

To qualify for coverage under this limited warranty, you must have had hot water extraction, performed by a trained, qualified carpet care professional, at least every 24 months since the date of purchase of your carpet. (You must provide your receipts for proof of service.∫) In addition, you must have tried cleaning the affected area of your carpet by using the cleaning procedures found on pages 16 √19 of this booklet. If the noticeable color change remains after you have tried these cleaning procedures, then you must have the affected area of your carpet professionally cleaned at your expense. If the noticeable color change still remains after the professional cleaning, you must contact STAINMASTER® carpet Consumer Care and provide proof of the professional carpet cleaning within 30 days of the professional carpet cleaning.

     # 01/24/2010 -

10 Key Charts To See Before You Buy A Home

Grain of salt: Local markets and local data are always more important than a national index. But interesting none the less.
     # 01/19/2010 -

NASA developed: Paint on the Insulation

Insuladd® is a unique blend of ceramic microspheres designed to be mixed into ordinary house paints and reduce heat gain (heat absorption) and heat loss in your home. What does Insuladd® Do?

Insuladd® will greatly reduce heat loss (heat absorption) and heat gain from your home by decreasing the AMOUNT of heat that is absorbed by the walls, ceilings and roofs of your home. Insuladd® will reduce heat absorption and keep heat out during the summer by making your house paint act as a heat barrier or radiant barrier. During the winter, it greatly reduces heat loss from your home and prevents it from migrating through your homes walls and ceilings and escaping to the cold outside air.

Insuladd® has been in use for a decade sold worldwide. Contractor tested and homeowner approved Insuladd is completely safe and very simple to use.
     # 08/09/2009 -

Rainwater harvesting vertical garden

This project establishes sustainable water practices through the harvesting of rain, and brings the advantages of a living wall to the backyard through vertical gardening. it looks awesome and you don≠t have to worry about watering.
     # 05/16/2008 -

Moss is green.

and it's great ground cover.
     # 02/29/2008 -

new & cool

Geek your yard: Just chisel a few numbers in this dodecagon and you've got one huge & cool fountain dedicated to your love of Dungeons & Dragons.

Pyramid Power! Egyptian Fountain Yard Art? or Trapezium

Indoor wall Fountains (not so new.. but...)

FAFCO Domestic Solar Hot Water DIY Install Write-up

freedomRail Double Hang O-Box A new way of thinking about both vertical and horizontal space within the closet.

Modular Log Cabins

For those who have a dirty pole in the basement and you'd like to cover it up.

BioBased Insulation, made from soybean oil, is sprayed into the floors, walls and ceilings, it quickly expands to 100 times its size to fill in every crack, crevice, and void.
     # 02/24/2008 -

Home Remodeling Tips

Try as they might, the hardware superstores have thus far failed to teach what architects and designers have to offer: taste. Your return on your remodel will likely depend as much on how well it fits the period and scale of your house as how much it adds to its functionality.
     # 11/06/2007 -

How Much Do Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Really Cost?

According to the American Lighting Association, lights account for 25 percent of a homeowner‚s electric bill. .... Given that the bulbs should last seven years, we can expect to save at least $575.28, which isn‚t bad for a couple of hours of work. Read more...
     # 10/30/2007 -


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