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Linking Listings to
How to add links to your listings at to your or Virtual Tour

For this example we'll use MLS# 236794

  1. Surf to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of almost any page and click "LINK TO US" to get to the page
  3. Scroll down and look for the last box on the page near the Blue Virtual Tour button and enter your MLS# in the area "ENTER MLS#"
  4. Click "Go!"
  5. The Box will fill with odd looking text that we call HTML code. Click "Select ALL" below this box.
  6. At the very top of your monitor, locate the EDIT menu and select "Copy".
  7. Login to your account.
  8. Click "Enhance My Listings"
  9. Click "Select a Listing"
  10. Find the MLS# and Click "Edit"
  11. Click Edit Text Descriptions
  12. In the " Description" box type:
    See a Complete Virtual Tour at YOUR MLS#)
  13. In the "Web Site Description" box click your mouse ONE time. Then at the very top of your monitor located the EDIT menu and select "Paste".
  14. Your screen should look something like this.
  15. Start any additional descriptive text you would like to add on the next line.
  16. IMPORTANT: scroll down and click "SAVE CHANGES"
  17. Click "Edit Other Info"
  18. enter YOUR MLS#)
    be sure to enter your MLS# in the space at the end after the equals sign.
  19. Click "SAVE CHANGES"
  20. Done!

This is an example of your new links at a listing

This is an example of your new links at your web site


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